Monday, July 11, 2005

A Woman' Sensuality

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Have you ever wonder what makes a woman's body so sensual, so beautiful and so attractive?

I have always been attracted to a woman's body, and wonder with amazement about her sensuality and her softness. The curves and the fairness of the whole anatomy. Its such a beautiful piece of art. No matter the size or the height, there is always this mysterious sexual aura about a woman's body.

Woman's body represents the soft sexuality of mankind. Every part of her body exudes softness and grace. There can be a strong-willed and stubborn woman but ultimately her body will betray her. She is made to be elegant and exquisite. She is meant to be taken care of, to be protected and to be loved.

To me, the most sensual part of a woman's body is neither the breasts nor the legs but the back, especially the lower, smaller back. There is just something so mystical about the back of a woman. The soft lines and the fine traces of muscles on the back hint of a certain hardness and yet is so graceful at the same time. The paleness and smoothness somehow reminds me of Diana, of purity and poise.

The woman's body is truly the most beautiful piece of art ever created.

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