Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I am crazy about this song at the moment. Try listening and singing in Cantonese, the feelings and emotions are more poignant.


鐘聲響起歸家的訊號 在他生命裡
彷彿帶點唏噓 黑色肌膚給他的意義
是一生奉獻 膚色鬥爭中


今天只有殘留的驅殼 迎接光輝歲月
風雨中抱緊自由 一生經過徬徨的掙扎
自信可改變未來 問誰有能做到

可否不分膚色的界限 願這土地裡
不分你我高低 繽紛色彩閃出的美麗
是因它沒有 分開每種色彩


Maximus Kuseikos said...

In moments like this I feel two contrasting emotions:
1. the neverending awe and respect for the intrinsic beauty and depth of significance of the Chinese ideograms and
2. the unspeakable dismay for being completely unable to understand anything of them...

Thanks for visiting my blog and even adding a link to it in yours, Iris. I truly appreciate it. I am always glad when people find my words interesting.

Iris said...

You are so welcome!

I actually wanted to translate this song into English but then I thought the emotions would be lost and besides, I've gotta admit, my Mandarin is not good enough for me to be able to translate and keep all the emotions of this song..!

Basically this song was sung by a rock group from Hong Kong. At the prime of their fame, they lost one of their brothers when he fell from the 2-storey high stage. They sang this song in his memory.

Keep writing and make my day! Thanks!