Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fantastic 4

Went to watch Fantastic 4 alone today, gotta use up my last remaining GV movie voucher anyway and since I had been waiting for this show for a long time, what better way than to use the voucher.

Felt very lousy watching this show alone. You see families happily filling up the seats, couples getting lovey-dovey with each other, nudging and kissing before and after the show and you see an idiotic girl staring at the screen of comercial ads! Pathetic is just a very mild word to describe!

The show was quite a let down, other than the redeeming acting qualities of the players inside. Jessica Alba is so delicious! Gawd, her figure is enough to create an instant erection in any hot-blooded male! Julian McMahon also look very tasty too, although his ego can became a little turn off. But still look yummy nontheless! Yum!

Initially, the show is a little slow. Was expecting a lot of actions, with the 4 players and Doc Doom engaging in fights of superhuman powers. But the show was too engrossed in developing the emotional side of all 5 members that it became a drag. And its quite a disappointment that Doc Doom got defeated so easily..

And the multi-million dollar question is "Since Mr Fantastic has the ability to stretch his body, will he really be able to stretch his male member too?"


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