Saturday, July 23, 2005

Friends or lovers?

Does anyone believe in a physical relationship that have no strings attached? One which only involves sex and not committments? Or maybe I should say a platonic relationship but comes with sex? When the 2 persons involved do not let emotions and committments get involved in the relationship? There is no expectations and no commitment. No emotions and feelings for each other. As long as they are together, they remain partners in bed and nothing else? Is that possible?

The problem with such a relationship is that it tend to get messy and the persons involved might get confused and frustrated. Its like the relationship is stuck in the realm of in-betweens where both parties do not take each other for granted and yet still get intimate.

After a while confusion will set in. And then emotions will get involved. And then frustration will pay a visit to the 2 persons involved and then all hell will break loose.

For women, its so difficult to separate sex with emotions. For men however, I was told that they are able to separate sex from emotions and yet I was told by this very same person that you need feelings to be able to get intimate with someone. So which is true?

When the relationship, whatever relationship its known as in the first place, turns sour, will the two persons involved be able to stay as platonic friends?

There are so many questions and yet no answers.


ZGD63 said...

Iris...I've had that type of relationship previous to meeting my wife. It was all about the sex. We'd go out dancing kinda just as friends but get horny from dancing with each other and making suggestive comments. We'd always end the night with animalistic sex. Other than that, it was a relationship devoid of any deeper feelings. While I think she eventually began wanting the whole picture and a future, I never felt anything like there would be a future. We had fun together like friends would and had hot sex together...but it just didn't have that final spark to where you really connected on a cerebral level.

BTW...thanks for your comments on my blog. Glad you like the pics!

Iris said...

You are so welcome on the pictures..!