Sunday, July 10, 2005

Brits reaction to the bombing

'In front of pain and disaster, the Brits haven't been shaken at all. They are back to their lives, keeping their emotions well hidden within their heart, which is where they are supposed to stay. The terrorists have lost their battle in England because they can't bring terror in London. The Brits don't react to fear. They have a dignity that most other peoples (Italians for example) do not have."

By Maximus Kuseikos

Unlike the Americans who retaliate by declaring war on their supposed enemies and stepped right into the traps of the bloody bastards, creating more mayhem, the Brits quietly maintain their dignity through their ordeal.

Found this blog through SPG's blog. I must confessed that I really like reading this Italian's thoughts and words. They hit right to the point through wit and realism, although the postings are a tad too long. His post on how men are obsessed, really obsessed with their penises is really hilarious! I totally agreed with him! Penises are the source of men's egos and they need to be stroked (pun intended) all the time. Men...

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