Friday, July 08, 2005

Giving and not wanting anything in return

The thing I loved most about keeping a blog is that you can tell your blog your thoughts and it will never ever insult you or impose its opinions upon you. You can crap and rant or nag and sob into your blog and it will always be there for you to vent your anger, misery, happiness and heartbreaks without fail. Its so much better than talking about your problems with another human sometimes. Most people just hear and give their own opinions. Sometimes all I need is just a listening ear, someone who is willing to let me talk without passing his/her judgements or forcing their opinions onto me. Most of the time, I know what I am doing, even though my actions may not be acceptable to others but I only want to talk about my actions without being told that I should or should not be doing what I am doing.

Thats why a blog is my best avenue of venting my feelings. It does not interrupt, nor does it impose. It only takes in what I want to say and what I am feeling. It takes in my frustration patiently and listen without telling me off. In essence, it gives without wanting anything back. It gives me a listening ear without expecting.

Pathetic right? Gotta rely on a piece of machine to vent my feelings. I know.

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Brian said...

Not pathetic. . . More like therapeutic and healthy to write down what you feel in a safe environment. I like what you write, and believe it or not, what you think relates to lots of people. Thanks for being real!-)