Sunday, February 27, 2005


I saw a most incredible thing yesterday when I was returning home yesterday. There was some event organised by the Residential Commitee and they invited quite a lot of guests to have dinner. Something like a seventh month getai. The commitee also invited some singers, who gave a new definition to the word screeching and cocks crowing..! Man, they should really be shot at point blank for toturing my ears!! Anyway, that was not the most incredible thing that I saw.. I saw something so hideous that I can't believe it when I first saw it. I even took a second and third look to make sure that my eyes are not playing games with me..

There was this pair of young ladies, probably about 25-26 years old and they were singing on the stage. Its nothing out of the ordinary even though they sound like some old mamasan trying her darnest to sing. The incredible thing was their costume. The both of them were wearing a very very very hot and sexy nurse outfit! For those unitiated young and innocent kids out there reading this, dressing up as sexy nurses is actually a form of foreplay in bedroom affairs. To put it even more direct, it means women dress up as sexy nurses to turn men on. For some unknownd reason, the sight of tight and sexy nurses seem to have an effect on the male reproductive organ and men generally like the feeling.

Ok, back to the 2 girls. One of them was wearing a nurse's dress that was so short that I sincerely hoped she does not attempt to bend over. And the top 3-4 buttons were undone so anyone who is standing in front of her will be able to see her river valley. As for the other girl, she was in a two piece costume. She had a really small and tiny mini-skirt. Her top was only covering her bra which was not even properly covered in the first place. She had a red bra and like the first girl, her first 3-4 buttons of her top were undone. To top off the whole outfit, both of them were wearing cute little nurse's cap with a red cross printed on it and they were in tall white boots with killer heels. As they were singing and trying their darnest to dance without revealing any more, there were smoke on the stage to create a fairy-tale atmosphere, as much lame as the idea was..

My first reaction was "OMFG! The RC having a porn session?!" My eye balls almost popped out.. There were so many kids around. Probably they think that the 2 jie-jies on stage looked cute and sweet but I strongly doubt that was the last thing on the minds of the old ah peks that were crowding around the stage. It seemed like all of the Ah Peks in my neighbourhood came out in full force to support their idols last night! Wow! They sure were loyal fans man..! I was really surprised that none of them had a bloody nose or an erection on the spot last night. Then again, I wouldn't know if they had an erection or not, I wasn't really concentrating on the Ah Peks, the sight on the stage was so much more interesting..! I really wished I had a camera to shoot some pictures, it would certainly make my blog more interesting to any hot-blooded males here!!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

Eelin is back from Down Under and I finally have someone to watch movies with instead of always pestering Mr D to watch with me.. And the first show that we went to watch is Hotel Rwanda. Its truly an award winning movie, and in my opinion, really deserved all the Academy nominations.

This movie is set during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. When the Belgians occupied Rwanda, they artificially segregated the Rwandans into 2 main group; the Tutsies and the Hutus. Power were given to the Tutsies during the colonial occupation of the Belgians and resentment towards Tutsies from the Hutus began to built up. When the Belgians relinguished their colonial ruling, this resentment turned into outright hatred among the Rwandans. The hatred escalated and then turned into a massacre of Tutsies. What was worse was that this violence was actually being openly encouraged over the radio by the government. During times of hatred, sanity was lost. About 100 million Rwandans were brutally cut down in just 100 days. Corpses literally littered the streets. Tutsies women were thrown in pig pens and made to serve the Hutu militia sexually. They weren't even given clothes or food and were literally treated like animals. Entire families were slayed by machetes. Tutsi children were main target so as to eliminate the next generation of Tutsies. This was a systematic elimination of an artificially created race of people.

During the 100 days of hell for the Rwandans, the Western powers whom the Rwandans believed in, let them down. America had a hard time deciding if its a true genocide since it was Africans killling Afrians and was, stictly speaking, not considered genocide. Italians, French, Belgians and British decided to pull out their people from Rwanda instead of helping to supress the situation.

It was against this backdrop of genocide that the show was set in. Paul Rusesabagina, played by Don Cheadle, was the hero of the show. He single handedly saved more than a thousand Rwandans, regardless of whether they were Tutsies or Hutus by hiding them in Belgian territory, his hotel. And all the while, he had to be strong for his family even though he was already emotionally affected by the atrocities that he had seen.

This was one show which really affected me. There were even some parts when I teared in the show. There was an underlying theme of violence throughout even though the show was not graphic. I can feel the fear of the refugees, how they were so afraid for their lives and the lives of their families. I can feel the irrational hatred of the Hutu militia. I can feel how scared and violated the women were when they being raped repeatedly at the sick pleasure of the militia. I can feel the loathe towards the greed of the military who were out to exploit the situation. Most of all, at the end of the show, I can't help but think, how can a human actually have the ability to commit such atrocity against another fellow human? Its the same question that I believed everyone will ask during any wars. And you also can't help but felt sick when the whole world watched and took their time deciding the course of action while each day, so many Rwandans were being slaughtered senselessly. At the end of the day, however, I doubt any outsiders will truly understand how the Rwandans felt during the whole ordeal. As quoted by a reporter in the show, even if people were shown footages of the atrocities being committed, in the end, they will only say "thats horrible" and then continue to have their dinner cos for the rest of the world, the victims had became statistics.

This is truly one show that everyone should watch and remember how humans are capable of such brutality.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


I am really a lazy bum.. A big one at that too.. Its been only the 2nd day of work and I am very tired already.. I missed the days when I don't have to get up so early in the morning and rush everyhing to prepare for work. Then at the office, rush my work and then at the end of the day, prepare to go home with the day repeating itself again. I am really sick of such life.. How har? Someone helps me get over this... I just want to stay at home and play with my iBook, download Bittorrents, chatting until late in the night and then sleep until late in morning the next day.. No money but then who needs money when I am always home all day?! I spent so much lesser when I am not working.. No transportation expenses, no clothing expenses and no food expenses..! Its so much fun to be a lazy bum!! Haiz.. I seriously need help getting over this kind of sentiments.. I am such a lazy bum.. I think its fated that I got this job cos I wasn't even seriously looking in the first place..!! This job just kinda fall onto my lap.. I did not even prepare much for the interview and was not even looking forward to my first day at work, other than getting the handphone! :D

Anyway, luckily I got something to look forward to at the end of the day, my faithful iBook!! Otherwise, I would have nothing to do at home and be even boreder..!! Heh!

Just finished watching Resident Evil Apocalyspe which I spent like 3 days downloading.. Drats, I spent some much time and effort to download a show that has the effect of wacthing a friendly VCD version.. Idiot... Might as well go Pasar Malam to get the disc.. Darn it..

I think I am get more and more vulgar, cho lor etc.. I have been swearing a lot lately.. And when I am angry, all sorts of colourful language will just got blurt out.. hmmm... I wonder who influenced me...? Its a lucky thing that I was not being pissed at work for these 2 days otherwise I think all my collegues would be really shocked..! You gotta admit, my face does not matched my behavior at all..

I was late this morning and almost missed the bloody bus.. If that happens, then Adios man.. I would have to take a cab down to my office and the fare would not be cheap cos the place is always jam, big time jams...

I have become more acceptable to trance music now.. in fact, I enjoy listening to them now! I have even been downloading trance musics of unknownd DJs..! This is a big change for me, at least thats what I think.. I hated such music cos they gave me headaches.. But recently, its like a 180 degree change in my music taste. Even now, while writing, I am listening to In Search of Sunrise 3, a fantastic piece of art by DJ Tiesto , my fav and only Dj at the moment! Its actually a whole album by Tiesto, cool piece of art man..!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A new chapter..

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Started working at my new company today and I must say that I was quite impressed with the enthusiasium that they are showing in having me there.. When I reached there, most of my collegues already know me. I was sitting at the receptionist area and people just walked by and called me by my name and told me that they would help me inform the HR that I was there..! Then, when I was brought to my desk, I was impressed again.. My table was so wide and spacious and clean! The PC was set up already with my name in password window and there is even a plastic tag with my name on the wall of my cubicle!! Wow! Wish I can take some pictures and post there here..! The reason I was so impressed was that I don't enjoy such treatment in LS. For goodness sake, I don't even have a proper cubicle there, not to mention a plastic tag with my name on it!

The happiest thing for me today is I got a brand new Nokia 3120 phone with a corporate Starhub plan worth $30 every month, all compliments of my company! Well, actually come to think of it, its nothing to get excited about since my boss would probably be calling me all day but still its a good feeling to get something so nice for free!! :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ozzie's teeth

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I think me and Ozzie must be cursed, losing our teeth over the same few days.

Shortly after I took out my stupidity teeth, Ozzie's milk teeth also began to fall. I think I helped to accelerate her loss. She was playing with me on a ball of rope and I was holding too it tight when she suddenly tugged at the rope hard. Then she begane to lick her mouth and shake her head. I noticed something wrong but thought nothing of it when she continued playing with me. THEN.. I noticed blood on her rope..! A day after that, her teeth began to drop, piece by piece. What you see here are actually some pieces.

Sis said its normal and there is no big deal. Even if Ozzie were to swollow the teeth, she will still shit them out in the end..!

Stupidity teeth op

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Had a major wisdom teeth operation on the 15 Feb and went to take out my stiches today. I had liquid food for almost a week. Was hoping to at least maybe lose some weight but alas, that was not to be..!

Anyway, it was a really painful experience.. There was a point during the operation when the dentist did not give me enough anaesthesia and I can feel the saw going through my gum. I squirmed and thank God the dentist knew how to read my body language and inject more anaesthesia into me.. After the terrible ordeal, the right side of my mouth was numbed for the rest of the day. It felt funny cos when I drink from a cup, only half of my mouth can feel the cup.. I was in pain for the rest of the day too.. Drank watery porridge for 3 days after that and the most solid food that I could take was bread soaked in milk.. Anything harder than that would feel like a hard rock in my mouth.. Poor me..! I cannot laugh too hard or my mouth would stretch and the stich might come out.. Cannot even open my mouth wide enough to put in a piece of pineapple tart!

Now there is a lump of flesh in my wound, especially the upper one cos the tooth has been take out and the area got sunken in. Other than that, everything feels fine.
Breakdown of the operation:
Checkup at polyclinic = $25
Preliminary X Ray = $57
Operation cost = $33 (Actual cost = $642.10 but govt subsidise $315.53 and the rest I paid by Medisave)
Removal of stiches = $27
Total I paid = $142 (excluding the transportation cost)
Fwah!! I actually paid so much to take out 2 stupid teeth!!

Packet of teeth

Now, I am faced with another problem. I have 2 milk teeth that fit nicely and snugly into my set of teeth but dentist told me that the adjacent teeth will decayed sooner or later cos of food getting stuck in between. She advised me to take out the 2 teeth and have braces but the total cost would be around $3k!! Gosh.. Maybe I should just pluck them out and put dentures at the spacing instead.. At least, that would be cheaper!!

My new home..

I am lonely..
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My sis just gave away the youngest child of Buddy and Poppy to her friend.. It was a very traumatic journey for this birdie. She/he (don't know its sex, unless some sort of DNA test is being performed to find out although we think its a him) is usually very mild-mannered and will let people stroke it but during the journey on the bus, it was very bad-tempered and bit us on the finger when we tried to touch it.. Probably cos its the first time out of the house and the bumpy ride freaked her out..

Bye birdie!

Driving test!

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Just discovered the joy of playing with my iPhotos and Flickr..! Wow!! there are actually so many things that I can do with this and my blog!! So I figured might as well come here and post whatever pictures I have on my blog..

I think I am going to get myself a digicam..!
Someone help me choose one that is hopefully not to ex..

Godzilla alert!

Godzilla alert!
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The lovebirds just had their bath and my sis let them hang out at the balcony for a while so that they can dry and warm themself.. And then Ozzie being the curious one, had to approached them to sniff them.. In this photo, the birds seem to be really afraid of Ozzie but in actual fact, its the other way round. Ozzie will freak whenever the birds approach her.. For some reason, whenever Sis tried to get the birds to stand on Ozzie's back, she will jump or whine or dash away.. heh..!

(Click on the picture and the title to see more..)

Monday, February 21, 2005


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This, my friends, is Ozzie, a 6 mth old Minature Schnauzer.. Her mummy is my sis, and like her, is created to irritate the hell out of me.. Both are equally pesky and I can't do anything to get rid of them..! damn...

My sis, as most of you knows, like to nag and nag and nag.. I share the same room with her so I gotta put up with her naggings.. Sometimes, I think we are like a married couple. She will be the 黄脸婆, while I am the poor husband of hers who has to suffer from her constant naggings.. I really symphatise her onion-head (her boyfriend).. Imagine him facing her in future when they get married.. (They really looked like they might get stuck with each other for life..) Poor them..

Anyway, back to Ozzie.. Shes really very cute most of the time.. A bundle of energy, just wouldn't stop running around and would get really crazy while playing, when shes not chewing anything in sight. There are only 3 things that I can't stand about her: her pee, her poop and her habit of licking between my toes whenever she thinks I am in the mood for toe-licking..! urgh..! And another thing, the height of my bed is just right for her to reach and she likes to think that she is doing me a favour in the morning by licking me in the face to wake me up.. Sheesh.. Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and the first thing you see is a hairy face, feel a wet tongue all over your face and smell the breathe of a dog! That would really make my day man...

first post.. well, not exactly...

Been a long time since i start to blogging.. Its laziness and tireness that "discourages" me from blogging.. heh..! Goldfish and bunny keep encouraging me to continue blogging and since I also got nothing to do online most of the time so I figure might as well pen down my daily thoughts and feelings here..! Kinda fun if you ask me.. Quite silly actually come to think of it since I already have a blog, which I think by now must be defunct.. That blog was actually created for me to rant on my previous job, which those of you who know me would know how miserable I felt when I was working in that company.. Sad..

Anywayz, its a closed chapter of my life. I am moving on BUT I learnt from my mistakes and I am going to remember the experiences from there and remind myself constantly to NOT make the same mistakes again!! The main thing is to move on man!! Get out of the shadows..!! Fwah.. Sounds like I am really traumatised by the experiences there.. Trust me, I was..! Phew..!

This new blog shall signifies a new chapter of my life..! As of this hour, I am going to start afresh with whatever I am doing and I am going to try my damnest to be a less forgetful and blur..! Hah! I think this is going to be reaaaalllllyyyy tough man!!! I need help!! Arghhh..!!

With this new blog, and my beloved iBee, I can do more things than the previous one..! So exciting!! I can also upload pictures..!! Woohoo!! The previous one is kinda slow in loading and I also have no idea how to upload pictures on it since my pesky sis refuse to teach me.. Selfish brat.. Never mind, I am going to make this my very own blog and put in stuffs that are memorable for me here.

And yes, perhaps I am not going to show so many people what I blog here.. Gotta keep the sordid details of my life a secrets after all!! Heh, maybe I shall even post a picture of myself in my birthday suit here..! I bet some of you can't wait to see that eh..! *evil laugh*