Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I think I am getting a toothache in my right baby canine. Yes, I do have 2 very well-conditioned though a little black baby canine. Somehow when I was a child, I took such well care of my canines that they did not fall off. And I am already 25 this year so just imagine the long overdue stay that these 2 teeth are having in my mouth!

Now the right side is starting to give me a little problem. Its turning blacker and blacker. And I am having a little headache from the constant dull pain. Sometimes it come and sometimes it does not. And it hurts when I use it to chew directly on my food. Ouch........

The problem is that if I were to pluck it out, there would be a gap there and I would need to use braces to push the adjacent teeth to close the gap and guess what, this would cost at least $3K!

Then it would not be my teeth or head that hurts, but my heart instead. Heartache for my depleting bank account! Somehow this year must be the year of operations for me! First my wisdom teeth, then my lasik eye operation and how maybe my tooth! Oh dear...

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