Monday, July 18, 2005

Making love

After reading about a lot of blogs by married couples, I have come to a single conclusion that making love to satisfy the one that you love is really a blessing. I think this conclusion that I have is mainly from reading Lucretia's Tales. I envy Lucretia. Her lover knows her body and is so intimate with her that they enjoy each other so much. Every time they made love, they are in estascy. How wonderful it must be to be able to find a man who is willing to take the time and effort to know your body and willing to satisfy you! How many man is able to do that? How many of you male species out there have taken the time to really understand your partner's body and know what she actually need and want? How many of you males out there have ask yourself if you have really satisfy your partner, keeping in mind that women have this natural ability to fake satisfactions?

A woman's body is complicated, much more complicated than a man. Simply because women are emotional creatures. We are motivated by emotions and feelings. A woman's sexual needs are all the more so difficult to understand as well simply because its entwined with emotions and feelings too. I am not saying that man's sexual needs are not motivated by emotions but women's needs are just more difficult to understand and satisfied as well. Sometimes, what a woman really want is to just cuddle and just be close with the man that shes love, skin on skin. Thats all. Something so simple but yet not easily understood by men.

Maybe I should ammend my opening sentence. Being able to make love to satisfy the one you love is really a blessing which not all will be able to enjoy.


Maximus Kuseikos said...

Loving someone is a serious endevour. Most people take it lightly, often disguising with the word "love" their need to have mindless sex (this usually happens to men).
Loving someone implies trust, devotion, shared goals, a communion of mind even before one of body, and it requires patience, effort, and sincere dedition. Most people wish it were just an easy thing.
Only when this concept of "easiness" is abandoned and love is taken for the serious matter it is, only then can people begin to fathom the meaning of physical relationship between two human beings, and dedicate themselves to the blessing whose lacking you are protesting here.
Emotions of women aren't any harder to understand than anyone's emotions. The real question is: how many man do care to understand their woman? How many men do understand what loving means?

Iris said...

Yes, you are so right. Most of the time, its like "wham, bang and gone" for the man. Maybe thats why most women are not really into making love or just plain sex cos they are not able to feel anything.

Call me a foolish romantic at heart but I believe true love transcends any physical intimatices between 2 being. And its only when you are really into loving another being will you be able to feel the magic of making true love.

I yearn for such love but I seriously doubt I will be able to enjoy such blessings, as weird as this might sound..

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear that u r partner does not understand u. I have "sex" once a while with my gf and I really want to make her feel great everytime.

Unfortunately we are in this "sex but not real sex thing" for many years because she never let me "really" have sex with her. To cut it short, I always "make" her come but rarely for me.

To me, satisfying a woman is a pleasure that a man should enjoy and be proud of. Let him know how you feel and let him explore your sensations. Don't let him rush in and do it. Be patient, play a bit of game, feel each other, tell each other what you like and dislike.

Iris said...

Hi anonymous, firstly thanks for your interest in my blog :)

What I am saying however is not only about satisfaction physically. If I really want physical satisfaction, I do not even need a man in the first place.. A simple piece of machine would do just fine!

What I am actually talking about is the emotions and feelings involved in the act of making love, not just about sex itself. When you are making love to the one you really love, it encompasses more than physical satisfaction to your body, it also satisfy your feelings and most of all, it makes you whole. I am not really sure if you get my point.. Physical satisfaction can be easily gotten when you have 2 like-minded horny person together engaging in a sexual act, though the 2 person will probably end up feeling empty after that.

Making love to the one you love, I believe will make a person whole. You feel satisfaction to your body and to your mind and heart, knowing that you have brought love to the one you love.

I hope I put my thoughts to you clearly cos I think I ran out of words to describe my feelings and thoughts in this reply!


ZGD63 said... a student of human communication, I observe verbal and non-verbal forms. I find for myself the greatest satisfaction in delivering satisfaction/extacy to my wife by knowing what she likes. That takes years of observation, trail/error, and plain asking.

Two people in a relationship should be able to ask and tell. That is truly the road to intimacy.