Thursday, July 07, 2005


I just exchanged 3 Shaw movie vouchers with a GV movie pass with a colleague of mine. So I am now left with 1 Shaw and 1 GV movie pass. The irony of life. Or rather its the coincidence of life. I don have companions to watch movies with me that frequently now so I am stuck with 1 movie pass of each cinema instead of 2 of each cinemas. No worries, I shall just go watch movies alone now. Then again, its kinda pathetic to be watching movies alone. Movies are meant for enjoyment and watching them alone just seem so lonely, like there is no one that you have, like you are living in your own world.

No man is an island. Everyone has some kind of relationships with everyone ultimately. In the end, the relationships between all individuals living on this planet are linked together like a gigantic ribbon, neverending though easily broken. Didn't Christianity preached about all men and women ultimately sourced from Adam and Eve? Implication: we are all related. Buddhism also talked about how all beings are related one way or another after countless rebirths. At some point of time, we may have rubbed shoulders with a very distant relative without even knowing it. The thought of being related to so many people is amazing and comforting at the same time. Comforting cos I know I will never be isolated.

The ultimate irony is however that for most, if not all, people, they will never know exactly the kind of relationships that linked them together. In fact, most people don even want to know. Perhaps from the fear of getting involved? Its sad. Man desperately need each other to survive and yet we reject and refuse each other.

I am babbling again...

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