Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hairy business!

Finally went to cut my hair today. Its been too long and too heavy. Because my frontal head has too little hair and my back has too much hair, my head look weird cos the front is too flat but the back is too luscious. And the length is too much for me to handle. Its so long that when I fold my hands across my chest, the tip of my tresses got caught between the strap of my watch. Now I finally remember why I have not wore watch for a long time, its cos I took it off the previous time when my hair was this length too..

Anyway, I went back to look for Darren. Hes this balding guy with a port belly, a small one and thin and elegant hands. The first thing that I noticed about him was his arms and his fingers. They are really long and elegant, just the right kind fit for a hairstylist. For some reason I just have full confidence in him when he cuts my hair. The first time when I went to him, I just told him "My hair is too long, just cut it as you deem fit. Don worry about the length." I doubt any girls will said such a thing to their hairstylist! Today, I did not do that but I did complain to him that my hair was too long and he scolded me for not cutting my hair for so long although he was really amazed that the condition of my hair is so good, and even more amazed that I do not condition my hair often! And he also found it hard to accept that I have not rebonded my hair since the last time he did it for me! That was like a year ago!

I am more than satisfied with my new hair style now. No doubt its shorter but its so much lighter and free-er and it make me look more refreshed. Long hair has this tendency to make the owner become haggard after some time. And I also coloured it brown!

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