Saturday, July 09, 2005

I don want to be a woman!

I am in a vulnerable state of physical health at the moment. Its the period of the month again and I hate it! Why? Let me tell you why...

First, a week or two before the red starts to flow, my whole body will start to feel very bloated. My boobies will get inflated like 2 bloody big balloons and they will feel like they have been punched by Mike Tyson for a hour. The tummy will also start to swell. To cut it short, the whole body will start to bloat.

Then my hormones will get very wired and my temper will start to soar. My emotions and feelings get very mixed up and I feel sensitive to the comments of the people around me. I get sad and miserable or angry and pissed all the time and sometimes when my hormones get really bad, I can even cry for no reason. Cry until i fall asleep and my eyes will look like those of goldfishes when I wake up.

Next, the dreaded cramps will come. Its not exactly pain as in the kind of pain that you get when you need to shit. Its more like the tummy area will feel really really cold and crammy. Imagine putting a 15cm by 15cm by 15cm block of ice on your tummy. Now try and imagine having this block of ice inside your tummy and imagine the pain of it. Not only that, the legs, especially the calves get really cold and the whole body will lose heat very fast. Sometimes, I even shiver when I am not in an air con room when this happens. Like now.

Lastly, the red will start to flow and then the cramps will be magnified by 10 times. And at this time, everything will get really messy. Don understand why? Just think how convenient if you have a soggy piece of thick tissue in between your legs and it gets soggier and soggier if you don change it regularly!

So in the end, I will feel like a bloated girl with bad cramps, goldfish eyes, feeling cold all the time and having a piece of soggy tissue in between my legs. Hows that for waking up to all these early in the morning and yet I have to drag my bloated feet to work. It sucks big time, really really big time.

So guys, next time your sweet and patient girlfriends start to get bitchy cos its THE period of the month, try and understand her situation. Its not as she wants it to happen. Sometimes she herself might not even know that shes turning into a real bitch anyway. If you think, "Hey whats the big deal, it happens to her every month so she should be used to it by now!" Then go sandwich yourself between 2 blocks of ice. Then punch your eyes until they are swollen and lastly stuff a gigantic piece of soggy tissue between your legs and walk around like that for half and hour. Then you come back and tell me if you will get use to it if this happens to you every month.



Gizmore said...

Do not ask how much understanding you can get, but rather we should ask, how much understanding we can give.

Raggatt said...

Men cannot and will never understand, but other women do. I had a severe back injury and surgery. Now every month, the bloating pushes on the area of my injury and I get terrible back aches too! They start at least a week before my period and last thoughout. So two weeks every month I have back aches that a man with the same back injury does not get. Also, I'm now going through early menopause. Very bad "hot flashes" and insomnia. So cheer up! Menopause will cure all eventually! I can't wait!

Iris said...

Ouch! Have you tried taking painkillers for your pain? Back pain is really no joke..

Take care..!

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