Sunday, July 24, 2005

All things living will do anything for their survival

From The Island.

A simple sentence yet so potent, it emphasizes how valuable life is and what any living organism, big or small, will do to ensure their own life.

We see this everywhere but most of us are just too pre-occupied with our daily activities to notice. A bunch of grass growing out of a tiny crack in the wall or on the street, ants scurrying away from the gigantic footsteps to avoid getting squashed, strays scavaging in the rubbish chutes for food to satisfy their hunger and perhaps the most apparent of all, humans stabbing each other to ensure their survival in their environment. Their survival in the organisations that they are working in or the environment they are living in. The politics that they are willing to resort to so as to get accepted by their peers. Though this is not a fight for lilfe, its by no means a fight for survival or should I say, a fight for acceptance so as to guarantee their survival in the environment that they are living and operating in.

In the end, everything is about survival. The things that we do everyday, no matter how big or small are all about our survival. Why do you think we have to force ourself to get up so early everyday to earn a living and face the daily dreads of getting involved in the shits that we face at work? Its to ensure our own survival, a more elaborate form of obtaining the means of sustaining these bodies of ours, to ensure that we would live.

In the process of ensuring our own survival, we are willing to jeopardise the survival of others. Thats how selfish each and every organisms are. No matter how big or small. Thats the wonder of nature selection at its best and yet at the same time the ugliness of it.

The strong survive, the weak die. Thats the rule of the game and thats how it will ever be.


Lucretia said...

Survival of the Fittest at it's best!
Humans you are describing are full of fear, and nothing but fear. It just comes out in very aggressive, harmful ways, and they have no idea of the fear that comsumes them.

Iris said...

Oh yes! Now I know what was the word that I was actually cracking my head over to describe humans. Fear is the word. Unconscious fear and suspicions. The 2 emotions that drive Survival of the Fittest.