Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Innocence in us all

I belive that there is a certain level of innocence in all of us. Its something beautiful and is hidden inside our soul, preventing us from ever truly growing up and forgeting our childhood. Its what is pure and free inside all of us.

Did anyone notice it? I do.

You see it when you see your aging father with greying hair talking baby-talk to your dog, you see it when you see a full grown man playing happily with a paper cup. You hear it when you hear your sister singing lullabys in the shower, you hear it when you hear your parents laughing at how dumb your dog is. You felt it when you felt yourself moving and tapping your head to the rythmes of a song from your childhood and you felt it when you felt the happiness and laughter at whoever is laughing around you.

With so much worldy troubles that we are facing, its this innocence that is providing the much needed redemption for us to not change into cold-hearted fakes that we need to be when we are busy going about doing our worldy matters. Its this innocence that is preventing us from ever losing track of happiness.

Its the core essence of happiness. Without innocence, we will not be amazed with wide eyes on the many daily wonders around us. Its also this innocence that is creating a shield and protecting us from becoming the monsters that all of us are secretly very scared of turning into, a lonely cold-hearted monster that will never be able to feel happiness.

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