Friday, July 15, 2005


I stood in front of a speeding truck today.

Well, almost.

I was going to cross the road but the traffic was too heavy for me to cross over. I was already standing at the curb, almost at the centre of the road and I didn't want to go back to standing at the pedestarian walkway. So I just stood my ground. Refused to budge.

The traffic was quite heavy and the vehicles were all speeding since they just crossed a traffic light in front. From the position that I was standing, it was like I was standing right in the path of the vehicles zooming past, towards me.

There is nothing like the feeling of adrenaline rush when you see a huge truck zooming towards you. One slip of the driver's hand at his steering wheel, I would be directly in the path of the oncoming truck, smashed into pulp in seconds.

Although feeling a little scared and intimated by the strong wind generated by the fast moving vehicles, I forced myself to stand my ground and stared at the oncoming cars, imagining the impact on my body if I were to get hit and then of me lying in a pool of blood on the road, with many people staring at my body. And the sensation of seeing the cars moving past you, missing you by inches is such an adrenalina rush, in fact it can only be described as incredibly redeming. I ran out of words to describe it. In fact I have no idea how to put the feeling into words. Its the thought that you cheat death and the satisfaction that you get in doing that.

I wonder what would happen if I really were to get hit by the big blue truck. Would I feel pain? Or my body would just shut down immediately and I would only hear the impact and not feel anything?

I wonder..


Anonymous said...

Go try out and let us know in your blog lor. :lol:

Iris said...

Already did that.

You want to give it a try too? Its fun. But if you got smashed into pulp, don blame me for that.