Sunday, October 16, 2005

Marriage in Spore = financial burden

Me and the girls will just discussing about marriage in Spore while having dinner yesterday. By the way, sidetrack a bit here. There is this rather interesting Japanese restaurant, 别付, at China Square which serves ramen. Its nothing unusual about Japanese restaurants serving ramen except for this one, the patrons are able to choose which level of spicyness they want. All the way from none to the highest level of 9, I think. I had level 1, I am too chicken to try out 2 and above. Its fortunate that I did not cos level 1 already quite spicy for me!

Ok now back to the main topic.

Marriage in Spore, the material aspect of it. I am not even going to go into a lengthy discussion about the emotional burden and stresses of marriage!

We were just talking about how a common friend of us will be getting engaged at the end of this year. She was lamenting that most of the big hotels are already fully booked for wedding dinners for this year and she can only book a hotel for her wedding dinner next year. Besides the rates that she will be charged will be based on 2007 rates, whatever that means. Then Cons was saying that some of her colleagues in CB are planning to hold their weddings in Swissotel, which is a rather pricey one.

And the miser in me just start to calculate the price of holding wedding dinners in these big and pricey hotels. The normal rates these days would be about $800 to $900 per table. A normal wedding dinner would usually consist of about 25 tables max, although Con's colleagues usually plan for 40 tables max. Fucking hell! A normal wedding dinner would put the poor newlyweds off by about $30k to $40k! And that figure is not including those fancy stuff like gifts, the projector screens, wines, etc that are prepared for the guests..

This is just the price to pay for the wedding dinner. How about the price for the flat, the furniture, the gown, the cars?? All these need to be taken into consideration when 2 people are getting married in Spore. Phew..

And so I conclude, the best would be to just have a simple engagement party or something like that, invited a few close friends and relatives and thats it. No fancy wedding dinner, no fancy ceremony and stuff like that. Too troublesome and waste money. But then the girls were saying the older generation would not like it. A wedding without a dinner does not seem right.

I say, the hell with them! Hey, its your own wedding right? Its your money, its your marriage. Who the fuck are they to get involved in the decision? Its not as if they will be willing to chip in and help with part of the expense right? Let them sulk, let them scold and nag. Just need to stand firm on your decision and then they can take it or shove it up their old and saggy arses!

Anyway, the best would be to not have any wedding. Just have a simple engagement ceremony and then go for the honeymoon. Leave the old people behind with their naggings and by the time you are back from the honeymoon, they also cannot do anything already..!

I am evil...!


Mermaid Girl said...

So with you on this one... I always wish I had eloped.

I had 120 people at my engagement party - all my in-laws to be, friends...I was so bored!

I'm all for wedding actually being about the couple and what they want, not about pleasing everyone else then you living out your wedding dream by doing the same thing to your children's weddings.


Damn weddings...such a waste of money!!

Mermaid Girl

P.S - That wasn't supposed to sound quite so bitter!

robbie-girl said...

That was my sentiments exactly (and still is, to quite an extent), to not hold any dinner...

that was till i attended my good fren's...she looked so beautiful that night, walking down the aisle (she always has been beautiful, but on the wedding night, she was just stunning beyond words!)...

That was when I tot - This is really YOUR night, the night when all the attention is on you..and like the saying always goes, women look the most beautiful on their true...on how many other occasions can u have so many people, your family, good frens, make-up artise, the photographer, etc, fussing all over you to make sure that you look nothing lesser than your best?

So, after that night, my always-adamant no-dinner-is-the-best idea started to sway a little :P

Iris said...

Well, both of you have very valid points

For me however, I have always believe that wedding dinners are too over-rated. Its true that a girl will look her best and is the most fussed over on her wedding day but then again, just think of the effort, time and money invested in the wedding. Its way too much.. i just don see the point in spending so much just to look good and to be fussed over in that single day. I would rather use that money and spend a couple of weeks in some romantic part of the world with my hubby. Isn't that more interesting?! :D