Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ramblings while bored

Its funny how I can only write when I am in a sad or unhappy mood. Perhaps sad or unhappy are just an understatment. More like when I am feeling hurt or emotional pain. Speaking of which, has any of you ever felt emotional pain so intense that it actually hurts physically? Its weird. How on earth does something intangible became physical? Seriously its weird. And it hurts so much. Then again, when the pain is gone and whats left are the memories, everything does not seem so tough anymore.

Ok, lets not dwell on this again.

What I am trying to say is, I think I have ran out of ideas to blog. Its weird..! And scary!! I have always talked about what I am feeling when I am blogging. Anything that comes to my mind when I am blogging will be thrown into my blog. And its only when I am feeling intense emotions will I be able to let my ideas run smoothly.

And now that I am no longer feeling such intense emtions, I doubt I will be able to write stuff that you people here will find interesting.. Other than perhaps my daily happenings, that is, what I experienced during the day.

The truth is, I don really like to talk about what my experiences during my daily existence. Rather, I prefer to talk about my opinions, my emotions, my feelings, my views and stuff like that. Stuff that affects my thinking, my behaviours and stuff that are more intellectual (well, at least I hope) that just what I did during the day. I think thats the true purpose about blogging. Many bloggers mistook the whole idea of blogging to be just an avenue for them to tell others about what they did during the day, everyday. They probably mistook a blog for a journal, I guess.

Well, at least thats my opinion about blogging. Then again, blogging is a very general term, and the term is always changing in its definition. It does not even seem to have a well-defined meaning in the first place..!

So there you go, the daily ramblings of a serious bored girl who has too much time on her hand at this precise moment in time.



Me said...

Bored then ask me out lor..

iris said...

And who on earth are you?!