Thursday, October 20, 2005

What is it?!

I feel that something is lacking in my life. I have no idea what is it but I know something is not right, not enough and definitely not satisfying.

And its frustrating the hell out of me.

Its like a shadow that you see at the corner of your eyes. One moment, its there and the next moment when you turned around to look directly at it, its gone, already darted to another mysterious position. And everytime you try to look at it directly, its gone. Out of your grasp again. Its so frustrating.

There is definitely something missing from my life. I have no idea what is it and how should I go about hunting for this missing entity. Its intangible and yet physical. Intangible cos I know it does not exist materially. Physical cos I know if I found it, it will definitely complete my existence. Trying to subsitute it with physical materials just frustrate me more. The more stuff I own, the more empty I bcome. Its like a black hole that which is unfillable and the more materials that you dump into this hole, the more gaping it will be.

I want to know what is this missing entity that is missing from my life. This missing piece of puzzle that mars my mundane existence. Not knowing what this missing puzzle is and how to find it just adds to my ever growing frustration.

Has any of you felt this before?


Jonathan said...

Money lah.... We all lack these mah... Hahaha.. :P

putitthisway said...

hmmm.... I remember the term splinter in the mind's eye......maybe the real thing that went missing is your raison d'etre. Or should I say purpose......or maybe to the glee of all the buayas out there... you need companion....

Iris said...

Companions, guys, men, boys, they all mean 1 thing; headaches. Someone asked me today why I am not attached and I replied, "But I am, I am attached to my job!"

But nature calls, I guess. Its a battle of the mind and the hormones in this case. Its not fair..!

rijac said...

companion does not necessarily mean guys, men and boys...

Paddy Tan said...

Perhaps what you need is another level of objectives and goals, it can be in your career or even in personal lifes.

Some search for their entire lifetime what they want.
Some simply create the 'wants' as the goal for long terms and objectives for the short terms, and pursue after it.

Choose your poison.

putitthisway said...

And really, I am calling the taoist priest or the vartican, ssems like someone or something has taken a hold of our dear slayer and we want her back.

And yes, companion can be a headache, but sometimes, its the good and the bad that make us feel that we are alive... no?

if not, you should and I highly recommend to get either a raison d'etre or an exorcism

Iris said...

Heh heh, don worry Phillip, your dear slayer is still here, no one has taken hold of me, I doubt anyone will be able to do that anyway! :D

Hmm, exorcism?? Thats a little scary, I think my office needs it more than me!