Saturday, October 15, 2005

I fly you kites!!

Girls, next time you people want to fly kites or do something outdoor, please just remind me can? I seriously have no idea that you guys are going kite flying today and was totally not dressed for it!

Went out in my heels and make-up and got the shock of my life when I realized that you all would be going kite- flying! Kaoz.. Knowing that I am blur as such, please do remind me if we are doing something that is different from the usual shopping and activities as such can?! Hehehe..!

Anway, I am glad that I went today. Its so fun! And fulfilling to see the kites soaring to such height. Didn't know that JP had such good skills in flying kites. Though it would be Cons who would be skilled in that considering that she is always flying us aeroplanes..! Heh heh..

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jeniffer just said...

Am I doing something wrong..?! For one reason or another, I only see responses to posts. I assume there are also posts that I am not seeing?