Saturday, October 29, 2005

Be Strong

When she was very young, she was already feeling very angry. Her father passed away when she was barely out of her childhood and although she did not really spend much time with him, she still missed him a lot. To support the family, her mum was always working. The sacrifice that she had to make was to let both her children be taken care of by their granny and in order to make up for that, she let them have all the material comforts that they wanted. As a result, she did not have much parental guidance. She felt confused and angry, or it was just a case of wanting for attention.

During her secondary school days, she turned rebellious. She got mixed up with the wrong kind of people and created a lot of trouble. She picked up lots of bad habits and was always out until the wee hours of the morning. Although her mum was very concerned, there wasn't much she could do. Her daughter just refused to get involve with her, perhaps blaming her mum for everything indirectly.

Ironically, it was also her mum who made her turn over a new leaf. She introduced Christianity to her. I still remembered her telling me how boring and irritating it was when her mum pestered her to go church. It was also perhaps due to the fact that her best friend is a Christian that she agreed to join the church, albeit reluctantly. Things began to change for the better and she became a better person. She lost weight and became a very beautiful young lady. Its like she totally transformed, physically and emotionally. Her anger at everything slowly became duller and duller until it got extinguished, finally.

When she turned 20, she met a man. This year marked their fourth year and they even made plans to get married. In fact, 30th Sep 2005 was supposed to be their engagement day. They brought the rings, got an apartment and stuff like that. She was truly very happy.

Then came the bombshell. Her soon-to-be fiance told her that he got another girl pregnant and he had to take responsibility for what he did. It broke her heart. It was her first serious relationship and she loved the man alot even though she has no lack of suitors. It was like her world came tumbling down on her at her pinnacle of happiness. Its so unfair.

Now, there is nothing much she can do other than to let time do its wonderful job of healing. She is strong and I believe that she will survive. She has to.

Take care and be strong, my dear friend.


tanlih said...

I also wish your friend to be strong and go through the healing process.. its really hard to imaging that a boyfriend of 4 years can be fooling around outside without her knowledge and got the other party pregnant. Hope her faith can bring her through this tough times.. hope the friends around her like you give her full support to go past this rough time.


iris said...

Thanks Ah Tan...

I only got one conclusion after listening to her: Men are bastards, almost all that is and they are not meant to be trusted...

tanlih said...

I do agree with you on this "not trusting" men theory.. I personnally saw some guy friends having a few close gal friends at the same time.. guess its 99% bad but still got 1% good left in them.

For me, because I don't have a pretty face or muscular body. I'll be a faithful man when I found the one gal who can understand me and treat me well... but these ladies don't comeby everyday. most of my lady friends can see that I'm a Mr nice guy and always trying to make use of my talents to help them in their work only... but I believe God will let me meet someone that I can be with for life one day :)