Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ozzie and the Blowfly

Ozzie is really an evil destroyer of anything she can lay her paws or rather jaws on. This time is Blowfly by Patricia Cornwell.

I had just finished this book over the last weekend and left it on the living room's table without giving it a second thought. I am always leaving stuff here and there, I should really get rid of this bad habit.

Anyway, we left Ozzie at home yesterday and so she managed to get her paws on my book. I think she must be really bored or just plain bo-liao cos she managed to turn into a canine book-blender and shredded my book into pieces.

Its a lucky thing I find this book boring and would not want to read it again. Otherwise I might just pull out all her fur...

I am serious..


Paddy Tan said...

Talking about your doggie, will pass you the PETBAK tag the next time I see you.

We just went into the 2nd Gen production that is smaller unlike the 1st Gen that is so heavy we have to include a trolley so that the dog can drag it when the tag is on its neck.

Just kidding of cos! :)

Iris said...

Good! i want the first gen one! then ozzie cannot run like a mad dog when she is out of the house..!!

and i am not kidding!

Paddy Tan said...

Oh..I can add a brick or two if you want to tie with the tag.

Probably no trolley this time. Muhahahah!!

Get an AIBO lah.