Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Selfish by nature

Sometimes in the midst of being so concentrated in my personal emotion issue that I forgot about the physical pain that most people in the world is engaged in.

The Pakistan earthquake have already claimed as many as 40,000 lives (the last I counted) and made millions homeless. Perhaps its a little melodramatic to think about this but has anyone thought that maybe its Mother Earth showing the world how displeased she is? Or perhaps its her just displaying her symptoms that she is very ill, with all the torture that we humans are subjecting her to?

One way or another, most of the people who died are certainly facing more pain and losses than me and yet I am always concentrating on my own emotional problems. This is certainly so childish.

But on the other hand, I am just a normal selfish human being and selfish people only think about themselves. As much as I don want to be that way, I just can't help it. Its in my nature.

ok, enough of my endless ranting. Lets pray for the people in Pakistan. May they be well and not become statistic, forgotten by the world when more sensational news came along..

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