Wednesday, September 07, 2005

There was a girl..

There was a girl who does not treasure the people around here..

She has very loving parents who are always very concerned about her. They try very hard to provide the best of everything for her. They are very proud of her and will give their support in whatever she does. They are always concern about her health and whether she has a good day. Whenever she wants something, she only needs to ask from them and they will give her whatever she wants.

Yet, she is always taking her parents for granted. She does not seem to like to talk to them and neither does she wants them to ask about her. She just wants them to leave her alone. She does not seem to be interested in whatever they do. She just wants them out of her life.

She has a group of friends who are always there for her. They are concerned about how she is coping with her work, with her issues and basically how is she getting on. She has good friends whom she knows will be around whenever she needs them.

Yet, she is always taking her friends for granted. She does not seem to want to get involved in whatever her friends do and whether they are getting along fine. She does not know what each of her friends are doing and how they are getting on with their lives. She does not even notice that one of her friends is facing a crisis at home until she read it in her blog. She just seem to want to be left alone with her life.

She has guys who are interested in her and is concerned about her daily life and they want to make her happy.

Yet, she is obsessed with the one man who does not care about her, the one person who was always taking her for granted and hurt her. Even though physically, he is no longer in her life, her life is still pretty much in a mess cos she just cannot get over him.

There was a girl and she should be ashamed about herself and she deserved all the emptiness that she is feeling everyday.


rijac said...

the girl should not feel ashamed. we are all human after all. i know a boy who is married with children, who still thinks of a woman he cannot have. but he doesnt feel ashamed, because the experiences he has had in the past make him what he is today, and should not be forgotten. memories are milestones in life's journey. to cherish these memories is not wrong.

Anonymous said...

You don't deserve the emptiness. You deserve something better.

Mend the broken wings and fly away from all these pain.

dm said...

Till the girl meets other boys again..... ;)

Anonymous said...

Learn to let go & everything will be fine..