Friday, September 30, 2005

Another drunken night

Before & After

Boss requested that those people who got promoted should give the whole department a treat and so all of us went to Riverside to have a sumptuous seafood dinner. Very sedap!

And as expected, the gang booked a KTV room, for a night of drinking and singing after dinner. Even our Malay colleagues joined us.

This time since the Ah Bengs, on knowing that I am able to hold my liquor rather well, kept getting me to drink. And it was when I noticed something rather interesting. Its not the amount of alcohol that made one drunk but rather how well one is able to control the rate at which the beer react with your system. Its like the more active I am, the faster I will get drunk..

Ok, I don think I am making any sense here, forget it...

Anyway, I did not get as drunk as the previous time. I did get a little tipsy but I can still walk in a straight line and did not topple over the stairs. I did not puke when I came home and most of all, I did not have a hangover the next morning. In fact, I woke up at 530am even though I slept at 1am last night. And I was rather awake although a little grumpy cos I did not have enough hours of sleep last night.

And then tonight, David and Tiff wanted to drag my ass off for more drinking again.. I surrendered. My body can only take so much abuse for a week. And I need sleep. Desperately..

Luckily, I don have to work tomorrow. (Finally!)


DK said...

Gal, control abit... drink until high then stop liao, don get drunk and puke. Puking not good for health.

Take care.

rijac said...

promoted? were you?

Iris said...

Not me lah. 4 of my colleagues were promoted a mth back and so boss want them to treat..

I will definitely inform if i get any promotion!