Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bimbo me

Finally managed to go out and have some fun yesterday after working my ass off for the past couple of weeks. Its a rather interesting affair when you realized that you have not wandered to town for like a month and then realized that nothing much has changed other than perhaps the locations of certain bus stops have been altered. Its also pretty interesting if you think about the fact that the types of events happening there and the people wandering in the most crowded part of Singapore are about the same.

I think the most interesting thing that I did yesterday was to wear a certain shirt that I bought months back. The reason why I had not wear it was cos I think its a little revealing. Its rather low and half of my milkbags are revealed. I am not saying that I don wear revealing clothes but when you are feeling bloated and ashamed of your body, you would not want to show off your body to the rest of the world. Then again, I was just thinking, heck, I am only young once, might as well just whack and not think so much!

So with that thought in mind, I went to seek confirmation from my mum about my outfit. Her reply was rather funny. She said, "Good, wear something nice for a change. That is nice!"

Ho sei liao! Even my mum wanted me to be more daring! Guess this shows what a boring person I am..!

And so, I stepped out of the house in that top and heels. I will be a little shameless here and say that on the whole, I think I look rather good in it..! I also happened to notice that the companion that I was with was noticing my boobs the moment I stepped out of my life.. In fact, there were couple of times when I caught him glancing at my chest when he was talking to me.. Men..

I mean I am not against people admiring my body parts per se but at least tell me how I looked. Its very interesting to be able to know how you appear in the eyes of other people, especially members of the opposite sex. Not to mention flattering when you are told that you looked good.. Heh..!

Oh well, at least I did something different yesterday even though Red Eye was a rather boring show with its lame plot and the brainless villians.. Imagine a professional hitman being outsmarted by the woman!


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Superficial Plaza Chick said...

You're only young once, and if you don't show them off now and be proud of your bod, then you'll feel even worse about it in the future.

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DK said...

Wah, your companion so DOM leh. Better becareful when you go out with him again.

rijac said...

next time you notice a date looking just ask 'nice or not?' and see him go read all over!

Iris said...

I was just thinking of asking him "like wat you see?" but I don want to put him in a difficult spot mah..!

Anonymous said...

good to see that u take time to relax after working like a dog for so long but your date for the day really not bold enough to commend on ur dressing sia.. just 'look' and don't dare to give praises or any comments... next time should ask him "had enough of ice cream?" :P


HJ said...

Wah kao... NPNT... no pictures to show us... ur description no good enough lahz.