Thursday, September 22, 2005


Rijac tagged me and so just for the heck of it..

7 Things You Plan to Do Before You Die

1) Live to a ripe old age
2) Squeeze finish 20 tubes of toothpaste!
3) Join a deep sea excursion
4) Tell my parents that I love them a lot
5) Go for plastic surgery to turn into a beauty queen
6) Skydive
7) Have lots of wild sex!

7 Celebrity Crushes

1) Pierce Brosnan
2) Arnold Vosloo
3) Nicole Kidman
4) Richard Gere
5) Catherine Zeta-Jones
6) Antonio Banderas
7) Jude Law

7 Often Repeated WORDS/PHRASES

1) Fuck you/fuck
2) Bloody hell
3) 冷静
4) Asshole
5) Shit
6) Wah lau!
7) Right..

7 Physical Traits I Look For In the Opposite Sex

1) Shoulders
2) Smile
3) Height
4) Eloquence/Voice
5) Hands
6) Eyes
7) Laughter

So, now its your turn to continue this tagging game.. Anyone who reads my blog will have to do it!


Anonymous said...

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rijac said...

can translate the chinese words or not? LOL

Iris said...

It means "calm down"

I am always telling people to do that even though I am the one who needs it the most!

rijac said...

is dat why they call you the 'slayer'? haha

Iris said...

No lah.. I think its probably cos I am quick tempered and speak without thinking.. muahahaha!

Alchamides said...

Saw your list of things u plan to do before you die; the last item caught my eye and I have mine here.

What do you think?