Thursday, September 22, 2005


"Ah Teo! Come in!"

Thats how my boss called me yesterday to his room. Bloody hell.. Half of the office now know that my surname is Teo, which is not exactly a bad thing by itself but the looks that they had indicated that they thought I have done something wrong.. haiz...

Actually, boss just wanted to ask me if I considered myself due for a promotion.

So, I told him straight in the face that I want a promotion. The jobs that I am handling now is more than that of a coordinator and I also happen to have the highest qualification in the entire department, even though qualification is not a very major issue here.

Boss also praised me for being very hardworking but I have a very major flaw, I am not good in PR. He gave an example of how if there are 2 girls, both are equally good but one is good in PR and know how to "talk" to the boss while the other do not. In the event of a promotion, of course the former will get it. He said I should do something about it but he recognised that its my nature, just as its my blur nature..! Haha! Jialat, even boss also said I am blur..

I told him the reason why I don like to PR is cos I don like to talk. I am not a person to waste words and I speak only when necessary. PR is not really my thing. He said thats good but in the working world, PR is very important. Its a way for one to promote himself/herself so as to get recognised. Its just like studying. Study hard does provide good results but study smart will produce the same, if not better, results with the same effort.

So, I really need to do something about it but the thing is, how?? How do you do PR with your boss?? On a funnier side note, I even asked him straight in the face if its cos I don suck up to him often and thats why he had such an opinion about me, which sent him laughing in stiches but he said no, its just his observations about me. Heh heh..!

Its funny how one can only know about one's traits and characteristics after one enter the working world. I think I know more about myself for the past 2 years after entering the work force. I believe I am a good worker, I am responsible, I will try means and ways to get the job done if something went wrong. I am good with technical skills. I am hardworking and I don mind sacrificing my personal time to finish a job. I don like to follow the norm and will try ways to get out of any tedious process even if these are the norms. These are the strong points that I observed about myself.

However, at the other spectrum would be that I am very forgetful by nature. Well, maybe not very, but rather. Especially when the stuff that I am doing does not satisfy me or interest me. I am also quite blur, as most of you would have noticed about me by now. And then there is this irritating trait about me having to have the most information before I can safely say that I understand what is to be expected of me. I would ask very detailed questions and be a pain in the ass. Another thing about me is that I don like to follow the norm and can sometimes disrupt the workflow and irritate others whom I considered a stick-in-the-mud. I hate to follow processes which I see no point in doing but just cos its norm. I also can get quite flustered if I am rushed, which can be very dangerous when taking my forgetfulness and blurness into account!

Ok, these are just some of the stuff that I observed about myself while I am at work. I believe working is a continual learning process, one which I can learn more about my own character and my traits, and one which I want to be a continuing improving process.

So, now all I can do is to cross my fingers and pray hard that I will get the promotion.. :)


DK said...

Well, maybe u should improve ur PR skill. Not just towards ur boss, but also towards co-workers and customers.

Eh, so you going to "Shen Guan Fa Cai" rite? When u treating me dinner? :D

rijac said...

good luck.

Iris said...

Thanks a lot!

Jonathan said...

So when are we going for a meal? ;)

Iris said...

When I really got my promotion, thats if my boss gave it to me in the first place.

Until then, nope, its all just talk..

*prays hard*