Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The fragility of life

Life is so fragile.

I saw something that totally throw my balance off today. It affected me so much that it spoilt my mood to work.

There was a fatal accident at PSA and Ah Beng forwarded me the email with photos showing the accident site. A sort of vehicle, resembling a small crane tobbled over, crushing the driver underneath it. I am not sure if the photos were real or altered but they certainly looked very real and grahpic. The man was folded over, his legs bending over his head, his hands were outstretched over his head and when the police flipped the body over, the top half of his head was totally crushed. His brains were all splattered over him. Surprisingly, there were very little blood, perhaps washed away by the rain. The police and some workers have to use a huge crane to lift the small vehicle and to extract the body out. And I am willing to bet that they would have to scrapped the head and brains off the ground. The pictures were so clear that I could even see that the victim was a Malay who used to have a moustache.

The first thought that came to my mind was that "What about his family? This man might have children and wife waiting for him to come home." And the thought was so sad (for lack of better words) that I felt a sinking sensation in my stomach. This man had people who loved him while he was alive.

And then I began to imagine its someone whom I care and love in his situation, involved in a freak accident and getting killed. I began to imagine its my parents or my family in such a situation and I was so afraid that I even had to call my mum and pretend to ask her if she had cook my dinner to soothe my fears and to assure myself that my family is still well and healthy.

We are always working and chasing our goals everyday that most of us might have forgottent that life is actually so fragile. A slight misalignment of fate might just end our lives. The man might have gotten a cold on that fatal day but still went to work that day and that cost his life. If only he went to the doctor and gotten sick leave, he might just be alive today. A misalignment of fate.

The thing is, most of us have always been taking life for granted. How many times have you tell yourself to stop and take a rest before continuing in your daily pursuit of your goals? How many times have you tell your parents or your loved ones that you care for them and love them? How many times have you been abusing your body when you succumb to your bad habits like smoking or drinking? How many times have you played with fate when you speed while driving? This list can just go on. We humans are just so ignorant and foolish and plain stupid. We are always tempting with fate and gambling with life. And in the process, we forgot that we are in fact very fragile. Life is fragile.

I am still very affected by fatal accident and the thought of the victim's loved ones having to bury him in that state is just so....

I can't think of a word to describe that sinking feeling in my stomach.


Jonathan said...

NPNT... I heard about this accident, but yet to see the pics.. I reckon it's going around in emails.

Iris said...

You don even want to look at the pictures lor.. Its very graphic..

So that means the accident is real lah and the pictures are not created digitally... Sigh..