Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Choices (part 3)

Its really funny how sometimes when you have made up your mind over something and then some other forces, (of nature?) came along and throw all your balance off-tangent. Confusing but yet, deep down, you already know what you are going to do, its just a matter of accepting yourself and then admitting that what you have been doing all along are just so pointless.

Its like you have already plan to go down a certain path in a silent and lonely wood during a dark winter night, with silence as companion. The path may be very treacherous and tough but its the path that you have choosen and you resolved to walk the path to end, no matter how much you will get hurt. Walking down a dark and treacherous path alone in tears.

And suddenly one day, out of nowhere, you met something so distracting, warm and extraordinary. Its so distracting that its taking all the attention away from your walk. And the more you walk towards the distraction, the more you realize that there really is no point being so stubborn. There is really no point in feeling the hurt over and over again just so that the memories will stay with you. Its a matter of accepting that what had happened is over and done with. Memories will always remain as such, memories, somthing which gives hope and yet destroys when too much are being invested in them.

The path does not seem so treacherous anymore and the surroundings are not so dark anymore. In fact, everything are clearer and lighter.

The burden of regret and hurt seem so much lighter..


DK said...

Glad to see that you finally see the light..... :)

Jonathan said...

I hope the light is big and bright enough.... Hehehe..... :P

Iris said...

You guys really send me rolling on the floor laughing with your comments!!