Sunday, September 11, 2005

Shopping trip with a funny little woman

Sometimes taking my mum out for shopping can be rather tiring and I don mean physically tiring but mentally tiring.. And the most tiring thing is when I took her out for meals. Cos my old woman has a very weird eating habit, she does not like to eat stuff that she has never eaten before.

This afternoon, me and my mum went shopping at Orchard and she was already complaining about being hungry even before we stepped out of our house. For some reason, she is always acting like a baby when shes with me.. Anyway, I was having a craving for Sakae Sushi so decided to bring her to Wheelocks place to have it.

And I literally had to dragged mummy dearest to the restaurant.. Bleah.. She was complaining about how she might puke if she had sushi and she don know how to eat it..

And so I went "What do you mean you don know how to eat it? Just open your mouth, put the sushi in, close your mouth, chew and swallow and thats it! Easy and simple right?!"

I think I must have spoken too loudly that the people beside us overheard my exclamation and laughed..

Anway, mummy dearest could really be very funny at times.. She does not go town often and was a little timid when it comes to approaching the sales staff for enquiries. And it gets even funnier when I pulled her into the Apple@Orchard store to catch a glimpse of the new iPod Nano. The store was packed and I literally had to drag her around the store to show her the Nano..! I was so excited about the tiny piece of gadget but there she was, tsking me all the way saying "Aiyoh, whats with that tiny piece of metal? How come its so expensive har?"

And the guilty look on her face when she saw the iBooks on display and was reminded of how she disfigured mine was really priceless..! Muahahaha!!

Mummy dearest, you are such a funny little woman at times...!! LOL!


Jonathan said...

Like mother like daugther? Hehehehehe... :P

Iris said...

Of course lah! Shes my mum and I am her girl leh! If not like her then like whos siah!!