Saturday, September 17, 2005

Havoc in 2 days

The past couple of days have been pretty havoc for me.. And I experienced couple of things which I have never experienced before.

First, I had my first taste of riding on a bike. In short skirt.

Ah beng and gang wanted to have a farewell party for CM who will be leaving at the end of the month. Well, actually today was her last day. Since they like to drink and sing, a KTV is the best option and so we went to the PartyWorld at Orchard, all the way from our workplace. Of all days to choose to wear a skirt, I stupidly choose to wear a skirt on that day, a short one at that too. And the only form of transport that Ah Beng and gang have are bikes. So I had my first tast of riding on a bike with a short skirt. Ah Beng was rather sweet to lend me his jacket to cover my legs while I was on a bike.

But riding a bike was really fun. Perhaps I might even want to have a license for bikes.. hmmm..

Second, I had my taste of being drunk, so badly that I puked.

Ah Bengs were all drinking. We shared 7-8 jugs of beer amoung us. Scary. I never knew that I can drink so much. The only thing I was not doing with them was to smoke, but I think the amount of second hand smoke that I inhaled last night was about the same amount of poison that I would have gotten if I were to smoke for a week.

I was already drunk at the pub but my colleagues, seeing that I was able to hold my liquor rather well, asked me to drink for them. They were girls and they were trying to finish the beer so that Ah Bengs will not be able to drink. They had to ride their bikes home after all and its very very dangerous to drink while driving. I was still able to drag my ass home and had a shower. Everything was cool until I had to wipe my hair dry. I puked.

And the next morning, I stil had to go to work. I worked up with a splitting hangover. Everything was turning. Went back to sleep and I had to rush to work in a cab..

Then today, I had to attend a D&D at Neptune Orient Restaurant, organised by some institue of shipping management. Those who are more knowledgeable will know what this restaurant is famous for. At first, I can't belive my eyes and thought that the cabaret girls were in some kind of nude colour skin suit. Then I saw the brown colour in the centre of the globe and realized that they were not in a skin suit after all! Cool!

After the event, I went to have a second round of drinking session with my colleagues. This times its whisky and not beer.

And its now 2am and I have to go to work tomorrow. I think I am so going to experience my second hangover in 3 days...


rijac said...

next time, swallow a few charcoal pills before going out for hardcore drinking session... ;-)

Jonathan said...

Can call, but don't sms.. ;) Hehehe... :P

rijac said...

i saw a pretty young lady riding pillon on a yellow scrambler this afternoon... she was wearing a short black skirt... i thought of you...