Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bus terminals

I don know if its just me or what but I hate going to bus terminals. The problem is that I will have to go to not 1 but 2 bus terminals to catch my bus to and fro my work place every day from Mon to Fri. And each time, the experience just suck big time.

Let me explain why.

First, the people. Its logical to say that there are lots of people cramped into a bus terminal considering that its the place where commuters change their bus routes or alight from the buses that they were at. And with so many homo sapiens congregated into a tiny place, there are bound to have problems associated with people's habits. Smoking, rushing, littering, and nose digging are just some of the bad habit that can be found in a bus interchange. The first 2 pose negative externalities while the last 2 are just plain irritating. I hate people who smoke without regards to the people around them. The worst is when they are smoking in the queue! Can't they see the "No Smoking" sign at the front of the queue? Inconsiderate..

Second, its the stench. Its inevitable that with so many people rushing everywhere that their stench will get into the place. Mixture of perspirations with perfumes or colognes with the smell of cooked food as the smell floated from the nearby hawkers to the interchanges really bring the level of smell that one can "enjoy" there to new heights manz.... Its not about the smell but the thoughts that these smells conjured up as you 'experienced" them. Thoughts of filthy sweaty bodies that are the souces of these smells.. Not a very nice thought when you are walking through the crowds..

Then its the dirt and dust that collected at the bus interchanges. Buses produce a lot of soot and pollution. Perhaps its cos of the diesel that they use or its just cos they were not maintained properly but whatever the case, the pollution at a bus interchange is terrible. And the worst thing to happen is when you were walking in the terminal and then a cloud of polluted exhaust fumes envelopes you cos a bus just got started nearby you.. Crap..

At the end of the day when one just need to go one's comfy home, entering a bus interchange will really make one's temper soar. There were many times I was so irritated with the bus interchanges that I was at that I just gave up taking a bus and hailed cabs instead..


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