Friday, November 11, 2005

Something atrocious

I was on leave today. Was intending to go down to touch up my tattoo or perhaps even extend the current one but was told by my tattooist that I would have to let the skin heal first cos the inner layer had still not heal fully so if I were to poke at the skin now, it would hurt like hell.. I actually did not mind and sort of insisted but the tattooist just refused to do it for me.. Damn.. Wasted trip...

And so I was loittering in town for a couple of hours trying my dardnest trying to figure out how the hell to spend my leave. Even comtemplated returning to office but did not really want to waste my leave. Bleah.. I got so bored and nothing seemed interesting to me. Somehow shopping alone when you were bored was really a bad, bad idea.. Damn...

And so I went home.. Bleah.. Tired, no tattoo, feet hurt from the heels. Heels are a torture when you are lugging a large bag of documents. (I went to a meeting in the morning).

Now I am in front of my iB again, trying to think of ways to spend my day. And then I saw SPG's blog and her pictures. Hmm, interesting.. I am in the mood for something atrocious.. Perhaps I might just emulate her and post pictures of myself here. Wearing nothing but I doubt the effect would be as good as hers, considering that hers were taken in a studio taken by a professional photographer. I have always wanted to pose in nude. Perhaps I might just go be a nude model! A fat nude model! Hah!

I am bored.. Taking leave with no purpose in mind is really a bad idea but hell, I am tired and I desperately need a break manz..

I think I am going to order pizza and stuff myself while reading a book.. Bleah..

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