Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Big bear

Its funny how sometimes when the person you least expected will sail right back into your life..

I have not talked to Tobi for the longest period of time. Its either cos of my busy schedule or due to the time differences between Germany and Singapore but whatever the case, its been so long since I talked to him. Too damn bloody long..!!!

Tobi is one of the sweetest guy I have ever know. Hes a real friendly bear and I have always enjoy talking to him. I have yet to meet another guy who is like him, there is just something really warm about him, something which I cannot find words here to describe.. Just something warm and nice.

We used to be able to talk to each other for the longest period of time. I even stayed up until the wee hours of the night just to chat with him. We sent gifts to each other on each other's birthday and he even made videos of his hometown to me. I still have them by the way. I love the winter scenes of the woods. If I ever have the chance I would definitetly go there to freeze my butt! Heh heh, thats a funny thought... And then there was that time when I even phoned him, all the way to Germany. I think I blew like 15 bucks over the half-an-hour phone call! I still remembered how we were a little shy and a little awkward when we talked over the phone for the first time..! We can still do that again right!? :D

Ok, big bear, the next time I am going to Europe, I will appoint you to be my official guide! You better make my trip worthwhile or I am so going to kick your butt!! :D


rijac said...

is he called big bear coz his big there?

DK said...

maybe he is very huggable?

iris said...

Tobi is a big bear cos hes just like a teddy bear, warm and gentle..! I have never hug him, as much as I want to, but I am sure hes very huggable!

eh rijac, I am sure you don really want to know that right??!!

putitthisway said...

I bet DM will protest silently......