Sunday, November 06, 2005

Misunderstood turtle

Poor turtle of mine, you are so misunderstood.. Some thought you were a stingray, some thought you looked like a bat while others thought you were a butterfly. And the horror when some told me you looked like a certain part of the woman's anatomy! Oh dear...

Perhaps to save all the confusion, I should just tattoo "turtle at home" under you!

Just kidding..

I think I am going to name my turtle. Its part of my body now too and calling it turtle just does not seem right..! Whoever in the world calls part of their body turtle, as funny as that sounds!

Anyone got any bright ideas? Some suggestions would be nice. I am looking for some unique names, nothing too corny or horny here please, cos I am already too corny and horny already. Thank you. :D


DK said...

u want chinese name or ang moh name?

If u want Chinese name, then Ah Gui sound nice. :D
If u want ang moh name, how about becky (cos it's at ur back).

Or if you want to name it darryl, I also don't mind. :P

:rotfl: <==damn, it don't work here....

rijac said...

king turt.

iris said...

I can just imagine the effect of telling people "I have Darryl on my back all the time" !!!!

King turt.. hmmm.. nice ring to it..

Keep the suggestions coming!!

dm said...

King turt? Hahaha... Sound like king nerd... :P