Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sick, literally & metaphorically

I am sick, literally and metaphorically.

Sick physically cos I am having a sore throat and a little feverish. Again. Fuck.

Sick metaphorically cos I am tired, tired and sick of my life, waiting for something to happen everyday but nothing much seems to be happening. Sick of the dreadful and boring life that I am leading every single bloody day. Sick, sick, sick..

I think I am going to have another tattoo this Friday when I am on leave. To be more precise, I think I am going to extend the current one to my lower back, all the way to my butt. Or maybe I am going to tattoo my ankle. Or how about a long one extending from my calf to my ankle. Or maybe in the near future, I hope, when I have really toned up my tummy, I am going to have a navel ring.

Funny how it seems like only self-inflicted, or rather self-bought pain can make me feel alive. Literally.

Or its just cos pain is addictive.


putitthisway said...

Is there something you wanna talk about?????

iris said...

I have a lot of things I want to talk about but somehow the words just cannot come out.. how how??

I think I am going crazier and crazier these days..