Saturday, November 19, 2005

I need a gigantic plaster

"People who hurt us and are not repentant are not worth our time.'

I used to be very optimistic and believe that the true nature or humans are good. People do not want to hurt others for no reason cos most people are usually defensive, never offensive in treating others. I was naive, so damn naive. And I learnt my lesson the hard away. So hard that the wound cannot seem to heal properly cos for some twisted reason, I don want it to heal. I am that twisted.

And so it continues to hurt. The worst thing is, its not a physical pain. Skins may tear and bones may be broken but ultimately they are just physical pain. Its the emotional pain that hurts more. Emotions are not tangible, they are unseen and yet can be clearly felt, so much so that more often than not, its even worse than the physical pain.

Aye, I think I need a gigantic plaster to stick the wound back and prevent my itchy fingers from tearing the wound open again.

1 comment:

geni said...

Just leave "it" alone - something will just come along and rip open the plaster. Stay twisted to survive. Cynicism works for me.