Sunday, November 20, 2005

Of DVDs, gums and custom

Its a warm night and I had been at home the whole day, just chilling out basically and watching movies, TV shows, freshly gotten.. Just don ask how I got it though.. ;) Its certainly been a long time since I got to watch the latest episodes of my favourite US TV shows. Phew. I think some of the developments in between were lost.

I also got a chance to watch the DVDs that I brought back from JB. Six titles but I only really wanted to watch one, Corpse Bride. Funny show, cool animation but too bad I did not watch it on the big screen. It would certainly be a cool movie to watch on the silver screen, with the fresh, bright colours and all.

Anyway, I was just thinking. How hard it was to bring illegal stuff to this tiny red dot without getting caught? I am not talking about bring bulks of banned stuff in of course but little quantity for self-enjoyment. Pirated DVDs, gums, (for the benefit of non-Singaporeans, our beloved government actually banned gums to keep our city clean and free of those disgusting spit gums) and cigarettes. Certainly, our custom is very strict when it comes to bringing stuff into Singapore but the fact is I let my bag through the x-ray thingy that they have at the custom checkpoint and I can bet that whatever I had inside my bag was very clear to the officer manning the machine but he did not even gave it a second look. The stuff that I brought in is enough to throw me behind bars though I strongly doubt they would care what I had inside my bag. The officer was more engrossed in checking out the facial expressions of the people going through the checkpoint.

On the one hand, I was selfishly glad that nothing happened to me when I brought the stuff back to Singapore but on the other, wouldn't it be a little risky to just let people through without checking their bags more throughly? What if some pyscho decided to bring in some bomb or something like that or what if some drug peddlers decided to bring in some coke or meth pills? Little by little so they would not get caught? And since the amount is small, they might just succeed in slipping through under the nose of our customs withouth them even noticing.

Whatever.. As long as I have my DVDs and gums and I am a happy little girl already..! :)


rijac said...

quite risky right?

Iris said...

No lah, as long as you don buy like dozens of DVDs and boxes of gum, I guess its quite safe.. Well, at least for me lah!