Saturday, November 19, 2005

Blurry blurry vision

Went back to JB for my eye examination today. DK was really sweet enough to accompany me there cos I just couldn't find anyone to go with me. I would have gone there myself if not for the fact that the eye examination would make my vision really blur cos of the eye drops to dilate my eye muscles which would restrict my pupils from contracting and as a result, my near vision would be really blur. I cannot even see the outlline of my palm when put right in front of my eyes. Everything has to be at least an arm's length away for me to see clearly.

As usual, Ah Beng and gang asked me to get some stuff from JB back. DVDs, cigarettes, gums etc. Aye, DVDs again.. The previous batch of DVDs that I brought back for them cost me someone dear. On the other hand, it was not a bad thing too cos the whole experience kinda made me stronger and more defensive, even though it hurt a lot.

Ok, enough of this crap.

The kind people at Optimax were very professional. Apparently, the slight short sightness that I am having now is caused by my cornea. However, the power is very low, 50 in my right eye and 75 in my left eye. I can undergo another operation to correct it but the chance of over-correction is very high due to the low power. In the event of over-correction, it would depend on my eye muscles to correct the over-correction. If however my eye muscles are not strong enough, I would be stuck with long-sightedness forever. Ultimately, there would be a 50-50% chance of having perfect vision. My test result would be passed to the doctor for review and he would advise me better after studying my case. Troublesome..!

After that, I brought DK to my favourite Japanese restaurant to have dinner. Pikachu!

Walked around a little after that and got my DVDs, a pack of cigs and 2 bars of gums, some cakes for my folks and then headed off home. Also managed to see a Cheverolet Corvette on display there. Cool car..!

As usual, there was a jam on the causeway. I hate going through the custom, esepecially the M'sia side. Its messy, slow, stuffy and the place is so crowded.

I am so glad that I am back on Spore soil once again. What a tiring day!


DK said...

If you ask me, it feels like the blind leading the blind..... haha..

Anonymous said...

iris: Hope your eyesight problem can be corrected after the doctor studied ur case :) if the chance of over correcting is high, better not do it.. my mom eye's is slightly overcorrected after the 1st time, but she refuses to go for tests and correction again..

DK: at least u helped to be her 'guide' when her vision is blur lar.. is the food at Pikachu nice??

Nice Cheverolet Corvette pic! nice color too :)

Anonymous said...

Btw, the previous comment was made by me.. forgot to sign off my name... :(