Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Christmas Wish List

The season of giving and sharing is here and I have a list of items on my wish list..! Anyone wants to sponsor me these Christmas presents?

Ok, maybe not. But I am most definitely going to have them as soon as I receive my year end bonus. Cross my fingers and pray that its three months as predicted... *prays hard*

1) 12-inch Apple Powerbook

Anyone has any student discount to lend me? I am most likely to get this darling by next year Jan, if possible and if my finances allow me. In the meantime, I intend to sell away my faithful iBook. Any takers?

2) A new wallet

Its about time I changed my wallet or purse as what Eelin called it. Its a tad too large for my taste, I have no idea why on earth did I even get it in the first place.. Stupid. A Pierre Cardin one would be nice, though I would prefer it not to be black. Too boring!

3) iPod Nano

Perhaps if my finances really really allows it, this darling would be a definite yes. My poor iPod mini is so going to be obsolete.. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe its a good idea to just continue using my mini first..

4) A wall fan

The one in my room had spoiled and for the past week, I had been sleeping without a fan or an air-con. Fortunately, the weather these days had been quite cooling with a slight breeze cosntantly, otherwise, I might have to move to my living area to sleep on the floor at night..! This is one Christmas present that is a must..!

5) Another tattoo

Heh, this is so predictable of me!

Ok folks, this is my wish list for Christmas this year. Not that hard eh? Any takers? :D

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Anonymous said...

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