Thursday, November 10, 2005

I need more C

My confidence profile.. Not a very socially adaptable person..

(Thanks, Phillip for this questionnaire)

You are a person of integrity. You are not at your best in social situations – you might consider yourself to be shy – but you perform well in more formal settings and sometimes surprise your peers by your competence in making presentations.

You are able to deal with people at all levels and will hold to your beliefs even when challenged by a person of greater seniority or 'authority'. Your tenacity makes you a valuable member of society and a loyal friend, although you may sometimes feel that this is also a social handicap. You are frustrated when people with little integrity appear to be more popular, and might wonder why their weaknesses are not perceived more clearly.

Your social skills are relatively undeveloped. You have the capability to make great gains in your social skills. By utilising your natural intelligence, you can learn some of the techniques which others apply unconsciously; over time, these skills will bcome natural for you. The benefits to your social and romantic lives will be considerable. The key benefit to your working life will be a broadening of horizons, as you are considered for roles which previously had been denied to you. By enhancing your physical presence, you can also gain greater recognition from colleagues and from potential relationship partners.

Funny, but this was exactly what my boss said about me.. I need social skills..... Bleah...

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