Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Redhead and Big Foot

I bought a potted plant for my mum today on the way back from Ikea tonight while I was there to get some picture frames for my office. Each freaking frame measured 40cm by 50cm and weighed like 500 gm. And I got not one, not two but six freaking frames.. Yes, six! And that would weighed about 3kg in total! Argh.. It was not so much of the weight but rather the size.

All thanks to my boss who asked me to decorate our new office.

Anyway, I digressed. I was supposed to be talking my experience while buying a potted plant.

I was on my way to the checking out counters with the shoppping cart, containing the six freaking frames when I passed by the Potted Plant section. It seems like there were quite a lot of very interesting sections in Ikea. There is the Wooden section where one can get wooden planks to create cabinets of one's choice, the Mirror sections, with its many very fun and interesting mirrors, the Chair sections with all the chairs nailed high up on the gigantic shelves, as if most of us are tall enough to reach and see the tags on the items and the Kitchen sections, with all the very interesting looking kitchen accessories.

And I appologized for my digression again.

As I was saying, I was on the way to the check-out counters when I passed by the Potted plant section. I was attracted by the cute looking small pots of catus. There was one particular type of catus with a huge redhead. The thing had a green stem that was about 10 cm high and had a red colour thingy at the top. It certainly looked very cute and so I thought I would just get one for my mum. For some reason my mum likes to grow plants and it have to be green plants that do not have flowers. I have a weird green-finger mum. So I thought the catus would be perfect. It is green, which suit her taste and has a red head which will add a little touch of colour to her little collection of plants.

And then came the difficult part.

The cute little redhead was right in the middle of a shelf catuses. In the middle! In order to take little redhead out to have a look, I had to reach through a shelf of catuses with all the pins and needles.

How cool can take be.......

I was pricked a couple of times, just to get redhead out.

That was not the worse thing.

After taking the cute little redhead out of the sea of catuses, I decided that it was not so cute after all cos I found something even more interesting.

A plant which I shall call it big foot. This little pot of plant is about 20cm high and has fat twisted stem with very green and smooth and shiny leaves. It looked so weird and funny that I think my mum would like it, not cos I think she is a weird lady due to her weird taste for plants but also cos my mum likes any plants that have leaves with no flowers.

Now if thats not a weird plant, I have no idea what will constitute a weird plant...

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