Friday, July 21, 2006

Point of no return?

Have you ever got the feeling that the whole world is out to get you? Moments when everyone and everything seem to go against you and is out to hurt you.

How about moments when you are so filled with anger and hatred that you just want to destroy whatever and whoever that crosses your path? Moments when you just want to explode and eliminate anything and everything.
that comes across your path.

And then implode cos you cannot find an outlet for your explosion. Implode, until you cannot feel anymore, when everything is dead.

When you are dead.

And then nothing matters anymore. Only dust and ashes.


Sometimes the feeling is so strong that you have no idea what to do. The more anger there is, the stronger the hatred and the more powerful the exlosion and the more painful the implosion.

Its like a glass cage. All the hatred and anger and pain are kept inside, filled to the brim. The only thing that is preventing the emotions from spilling out is a thin layer of rationality, but its disappearing fast.

And then it will be the point of no return.

Everything gets destroyed and I am no more.

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`-`-` said...

I relate to the glass cage..