Saturday, July 15, 2006


Nothing is what it seems. There are so many things in this world that are so superficial, but yet deep underneath, there are strong undercurrents that are totally unrelated to what are on the surface.

Like a peaceful lake, the unmoving and still water on the surface. Yet beneath the above calm, the currents are so strong that it will sweep away anything stubborn enough to wade into it.

Illusions, everything that we are seeing are just illusions. Everything that you see or own or do are just going to end sooner or later and by then there slhall be nothing left. Just basically dust and skeletons. Nothing that I ever own is ever mine. And no one who ever owns me is ever going to have me.

You see a couple, happily in love and happily playing and fooling with each other now. 10 years down the road, they might have split and gone their separate ways. You see a dog happily jumping and catching something seemingly non-existant in the air and then 5 years down the road, its not alive anymore, gone to a better place, perhaps.

Everything that ever exist or have ever existed are just so temporary. Its only a matter of time before it got destroyed or self destruct.

If thats the case, then why are we doing what we are doing everyday? Chasing dreams, pursuing love, holding to hope..

Cos in the end, nothing is going to matter. Everything that we are seeing are just illusions.

And sooner or later, everything will just be forgotten.

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