Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The news and me

Its been a long time since I watched the news. Sometimes I wonder in amazement how I ever know what is going around in the world since I never read newspaper, never watch the news and stuff that enable people to keep up with whatever that was happening in the globe that I call Earth.

Yes, I wonder in amazement at myself.

I know, I am disgustingly thick skinned sometimes.

Anyway, to save you readers from throwing up from my narcissism, lets just contiunue my story-telling that I know you, my fans, love to read.

As I was saying, I never really watch the news. Tonight was an exception cos I was bored, really bored. Also, I came home early. And since I could not find anyone online to entertain me, and I have just finished a story book that I borrowed over the weekend, I figured I might as well switch on the idiot box and be an idiot for the night.

And watched the news.

The more I watched, the more I wonder if any viewers were affected at all by the news. And the state of the world at the moment.

First it was the tsunami in Indonesia, then it was the ever intensifying crisis in Israel and ex cetra, ex cetra. Events that forever changed the lives of many people.

And it was also then that I realized how human lives have become mere statistics. Just mere numbers, dehumanized and whitewashed into a report and then protrayed on a screen, which the newscaster reported and the viewers watched, barely giving a fleeting thought on the lives that were forever changed by the events that were being reported.

What have we become? Its so tragic..

And I am not only referring to the events that I watched on the idiot box.

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