Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ozzie and my left heel

I scrapped my left heel today. And its all Ozzie's fault. Darn dog.

I was in the toilet brushing my hair when she decided to join me too. The thing is, she will mop around the toilet's floor whenever she is inside the toilet and so in order to make sure that she do not come into the toilet, I held onto the door of the toilet while making sure that she cannot squeeze through the door.

After finishing brushing my hair, I tried to shoo her out from the door frame and close the door at the same time, forgetting that my left leg was still inside the toilet, even though my body was outside.

And so the inevitable happened.

I closed the the door while pulling my leg out at the same time. The edge of the door scrapped against my left heel, hard, dragging a piece of my skin away. Ouch!

I jumped out of the toilet, cursing and swearing at Ozzie, who was standing outside the toilet, staring curiously at me. I limped to the dinning area and looked at my wound. There was a raw patch of flesh on my left heel and it was bleeding. It was so darn painful that I could not talk.

I looked at Ozzie.

She looked back at me.

Then she turned away and walked off.

I hate the dog.

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Anonymous said...

I dont suppose u howl like the Singapore Idol contestants?