Monday, June 26, 2006

Working overseas

My boss asked me this question today.

"Would you be willing to be posted overseas if given the chance?"

"Well, it depends on to where."

"Oh, still have to choose ah! So picky!"

"Ok lah, but the answer is yes. If given the chance, I will want to go overseas to work."

Which got me thinking, am I really ready to work overseas?

Working overseas is not the same as studying overseas. You have friends, classmates or schoolmates who have the same objectives as you when you are studying overseas. They together with you to form a group of like-minded people in getting good results and to overcome whatever problems that you might have when you are studying overseas. If you meet any problems, you are more able to find solutions or get help from them.

Working overseas however, is another business altogether. You will be all alone, for an extended period of time, depending on how long the stint is. You have to try to not only fit into the culture of the society there but also the culture of the working environment there. There is no one else to turn to in the event you meet with any problems. The scariest thing to me however is the loneliness.

Then again, working overseas will be a good chance for exposure, experience and most of all independence. It also train one to on self discipline. Besides, I have also think that staying too long in a place will make one stagnant.

Oh well, I shall just wait and see. If things really go as planned according to my boss' very big plans, then there might just be a very slight chance of working overseas. And the countries that are available will be the factories of my customers.

Considering that my customers include Fiat, Audi, VGS and Citroen etc........

*Wishful thinking!*

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