Friday, June 30, 2006

No matter

Its here again!

The Grrrreeeat Singapore Fare Hike!!

And as our economy and employment are on the rise, it is supposed to be a very good time to implement this much popular fare hike.

See, our government very considerate one. They always think about us normal ordinary Singaporeans one. When implementing such fare hikes, have to do it at the correct timing, and what is a better time for such fare hike than now? Everything increasing leh, so then can now increase right? Very logical and considerate mah. Employment also increase so people can afford mah, so increase fares is ok lor.

Somemore the technology now so advance, everything all so high tech, including our transportation system. See, government think of our conveniences leh. Everything is people first leh. So now can increase fare lor. Cos ultimately cannot deduct the pay of our ministers to pay for these high tech stuff leh. These people are the brains and veins of our country leh, without them we will die leh. So have to show our gratitude for them and pay them higher salary leh.

No matter the average Singaporean wants have more personal play life than just work to pay bills.

No matter the average Singaporea does not care about whether it is high tech as long as we can get from point A to point B.

No matter the average Singaporean has familes to feed and every single cent count towards the family income, no matter how high the income is.

No matter how the average Singaporean is actually very sick and tired of always hearing the government's justifications in any fare hike.

No matter how the average Singaporean just want their views heard in such public policies.

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