Saturday, June 17, 2006


You know something?

I used to believe that all people are kind by nature and no one will hurt others intentionally. In my opinion, its really beautiful world out there. One just have to look in closer to find that the world is actually not that intolerable a place to live in.

How naive.

How dumb!

The older I am, the more disillusioned I am with life and with people. The way people treat others for their own sake, the way others justify their actions with comforting excuses without a second thought about how their selfish actions will affect the surroundings and the fakeness that exists in our societies are just so, should I say disgusting? Its so filthy that its mind boggling.

Humans are selfish, downright selfish indeed. We care only for ourselves. We want the best for ourselves and think nothing of destroying the next fellow. We care only about how our actions will affect ourselves and nothing of the rippled effects. The worse is when we did have an inkling of our actions but we still proceed and justify the actions with self-gratifying reasons.

The longer I dwelled in the working society, the more disillusioned I get. Its such a filthy world! Such selfishness and such disgusting creatures are we humans. How sad.

Everywhere you looked, there are distrust, dishonesty, selfishness and fakeness. It all boils down to the fact that we know ourselves too well, we know how we are like and what we are like. In essence, we know how selfish humans are.

What a shame.

Because although I am really disillusioned and disappointed, I still hold firmly to the belief that all humans are made perfect and are still perfect. Its just a matter of whether they take the effort to eliminate the layer of filth existing on the surface of our world and the dive deeper into the underlying. Then perhaps we shall not be so suspicious.

Then perhaps our world would be a more tolerable, less filthy and more happy place.

Then perhaps we shall not be so lonely.


fritz said...

You're obviously suffering from a very bad case of clinical depression. Why don't you get sopme medical help before you blow your brains out?

Iris said...

First, thank you very much but I am not depressed.

Second, I don have a gun so I cannot blow my brains out!

Anonymous said...
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