Sunday, June 25, 2006

Silent Hill

I watched Silent Hill on last Thursday. That was the day when I just came back from JB and saw a dead body, as mentioned in my previous entry. As if seeing a real dead body wasn't enough, I went to watch a horror movie on the same day.

It was rather mind boggling, to say the least.

The show was really good in my opinion. It was not just about the horror aspect cos most of the time when there was a buildup of those freaky you-know-would-make-you-jump-in-your-seats scenes, I would close my eyes and grip his hands hard, praying for the scenes to flash pass fast.

It was the buildup of the story line and the slowly unraveling of the history of the town that made me enjoy the show. I just liked how the movie slowly revealed at each turning many little clues about what happened to Silent Hill which led to the current situation when the mother had to travel to the town, as haunted as it was, to save her little girl. And of course, how there were always these little details that one could discover at each scenes. Be it a broken baby pram in the middle of a street, a bald mannequin in a rundown boutique, a rusty wheelchair along the corridor of the hospital or just a greyish sofa in the lobby of a scary looking hotel. It was all these little details that made me very captured by the show.

And of course the sick and disgusting creatures that might just jumped out of the corner when the mother was running around crazily on the streets.

As such, I went to catch the show again today, with Cons. Not that I had too much money but as Cons had a free GV ticket and since I did not think that Scary Movie 4 was a good choice to spend my 2 hours in the theatre, I decided to give Silent Hill a second shot.

It was also partly I missed out some portions of the show since I was closing my eyes during most scary scenes. I can be rather chicken at times.

I must say, watching the show a second time was actually more enjoyable than the first time. I was more prepared about what scary things the movie would throw at me. In fact, I was looking forward to those scary scenes. Besides, seeing Cons jumping out of her skin and sucking her breath each time she got freaked also contributed to the enjoyment. Heh.. I am an evil girl.........

Anyway, it was a nice show. The ending was opened to much interpretation but on the whole the backdrop was nice and entertaining. It was sick, gruesome, eerie, scary and fun.

By the way, can anyone who watched tell me whats the name of the song that was played each time Alessa was on? The little tune that was featured when Rose was in the school and saw the handprint on the dusty table, opened it and found an exercise book with Alessa Gillespie's name on it and saw flashbacks of how Alessa was treated by her classmates? I love the tune but could not seem to find it. Would really appreciate any help here! Thanks!

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